Society of Asian Art of Hawai'i, Inc.

P.O. Box 240721, Honolulu, HI 96824

Welcome to the Society of Asian Art of Hawai’i, Inc.!


Thank you for visiting with us! We cordially invite you to become a member of SAAH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to all the areas of Asian art. Our mission is not only to offer educational programs for our members, but also to provide scholarships to students studying Asian art.

 Our Mission

We are a 501 c 3 educational and charitable organization, formerly the Oriental Art Society of Hawai’i, founded in 1974.

SAAH was established to (1) promote the appreciation, enjoyment, and understanding of Asian art; (2) promote and encourage the creation, preservation, and collection of Asian art; and (3) promote education about Asian art.  Programs are held almost every month during the academic year, September through May, wherein experts give illustrated lectures or gallery tours to SAAH members and guests.

Also, an International Guest Speaker’s Forum is occasionally offered to the community at large, featuring an esteemed scholar or expert from overseas.  One or more annual fund-raising events, such as auctions and dinners, enhance the Society’s ability to provide scholarships to worthy university students.  Finally, all these events take place in an informal social setting, with camaraderie, animated discussion among members, and often, refreshments.


Please note: Our address has been changed to:

P.O. Box 240721, Honolulu, HI 96824.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Society of Asian Art of Hawai’i, Inc.!

  1. I have an Asian Art collection for sale or auction 50 pieces of Tibetan, Thai, and Cambodian. Collected personally by me. Do you know someone who may be interested or perhaps an auctioneer? I live on Maui.

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